NHS hot topics and new articles posted biweekly! These can include ethical issues, COVID-19-related issues or top stories. Start your week keeping up-to-date with the latest healthcare news!


Each week we select an interesting medical article from a reputable news outlet or journal (e.g. BBC, British Medical Journal, Guardian) and share it on our newsfeed.

With each article, one of our Medmentors will provide a short summary of the piece (for when you're on the go) with some points of discussion and reflective thoughts. In addition, included in every article are some potential interview questions to help you practice thinking on your feet, gathering your thoughts and giving structured responses.

Why is this important?

Keeping up-to-date with medical news is key for anyone looking to go into the profession. It's also a great way to become more aware of the challenges faced in the healthcare industry.

Importantly, our short discussions with reflective comments are structured to help you think more critically about the ideas and points raised. The aim of this is to help you improve your ability to deconstruct headlines and delve deeper into the topics discussed. It may be cliche, but there is always more to the story. Therefore, the ability to think about potential issues and conflicting views on your feet will help you that much more during your interviews when you are asked questions on the spot (which you undoubtedly will be).
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