Beauticians Breaking the Law On Underage Lip Fillers

Iqra Ali
January 28, 2022

Before October 2021, it was legal for beauticians to offer dermal fillers for cosmetic reasons to individuals under the age of 18. However, despite the introduction of a law banning this, social media advertisements targeting youngsters have remained and some beauticians have continued to accept requests from underage individuals. This is particularly concerning because currently anyone can purchase or inject filler without requiring any qualifications.


The experiences reported by some youths are worrisome: for example, discounted prices have been offered so they will act as “dummies” to practice on and some have described being left in excruciating pain. It is clear that much more needs to be done to eliminate exploitation of cosmetic treatments.

Food for Thought

Spreading Awareness of this Law

Young people are far more vulnerable to exploitation and they may not even realise they are being taken advantage of and/or partaking in illegal behaviour. It is important that youths are made aware of this law and receive education on how to identify and avoid exploitation.


‍Reasons for Cosmetic Surgery

This varies between individuals and often it relates to how people perceive themselves and their self-worth. Could something be done to change this? Can body positivity be taught in school? Can influencers emphasise the fact that everyone’s imperfections are beautiful? As the world has become more judgmental, many young people feel insecure within themselves. This issue could be tackled is through better mental health education and providing more support to those struggling.


‍The Lack of Regulations Over Purchasing/Injecting Lip Filler

Despite the law regarding the age of the recipient of a lip filler, there are no regulations on purchasing or injecting lip filler. This means anyone has free access to do both. This introduces issues of safety and is the root cause of many incidents. The government needs to recognise this and act promptly.

Practice Interview QUestions
  1. You are a beautician who offers lip fillers (you have full training, follow all of the legal requirements currently in place and have amazing ratings for your work). A 16-year-old girl approaches you for lip filler treatments because she feels her lips are too small and has confided in you that she has been bullied in school for it. Her mum also agrees that, for her confidence, she should get the lip filler treatment. What should you as the beautician do?
  2. Should the NHS offer cosmetic treatments free of charge?
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