What is the Application SuperPack?
A notion template created by doctors with years of experience in the medical school application process.

Inside is a range of tools to help you with key steps in the application process. This includes helping you secure crucial work experience, obtain all the necessary skills expected of you, pick medical schools strategically, write a first-class personal statement, and ace the interview.

If you want to be an organised, strategic & prepared applicant, the Application SuperPack is for you!

Get organised.

Take the guesswork out of the application with our structured notion pack.

Optimise your chances.

We've baked in strategy into our Notion plans to increase your odds of getting an interview and offer.

Save time.

With multiple hoops to jump through time is scarce.
"Amazing resource that is reccomended. Lots of thought has been put in"
Abdul-Rahman - Doctor

Sections of the Roadmap


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Personal Statement

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Selecting Medical Schools

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Secure crucial
work experience.

Work experience is essential for any medical school applicant. Our SuperPack provides a formulaic approach that makes the process simple and easy.

☑️ Checklist to help you track your progress

📨 Formulate the perfect request with our email templates

📔 Work experience log to keep track of progress

🌟 Make the most of your work experience with our guided reflection process

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Obtain all the
necessary skills.

Medical schools want to see examples where you have demonstrated key skills expected of a doctor. The SuperPack ensures you've got them all covered!

🥼 A list of key skills expected of doctors, as per the Medical School Council's guidance

🏥 Example experiences to help you obtain the necessary skills

📝 Keep track with our interactive skills log

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Pick medical schools strategically.

Your choices of medical school can be the difference between getting 0/4 and 4/4 interviews. Our SuperPack makes selecting the right medical schools based on your strengths and preferences easy as pie!

💻 Detailed UCAT notes for each university

📚 Identify and eliminate choices based on your predicted A-levels & UCAT score

🏫 Sort medical schools based on your personal preferences

🎓 Easily narrow down your medical school choices to four choices

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Write a first-class personal statement.

Your personal statement should exhibit the personality of a future doctor. It encompasses your experiences in life and work experience. The SuperPack helps you identify suitable experiences, pair them with key skills, and talk about them in the right way.

🥼 Organise your experiences according to the key skills expected of a doctor.

💭 Guide you through your reflections, a key ingredient to any high quality personal statement

🔎 Identify the most important experiences to talk about

💡 Tips to help you achieve the perfect final draft

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Ace the interview.

The final step before receiving your conditional offer! The SuperPack will help you prepare answers for the vast majority of questions that can come your way.

🗓 Interview log to help plan your preparation

🏫 University-specific sections to help you tailor your preparation to each interview

💡 Prepare your structured answer for the "Why Medicine?" question

🧮 Address any question that comes your way with our formulaic approach

🗞 Ace ethical scenario questions and keep up-to-date with medical news

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Abdul-Rahman is a doctor and founder of Medmentor, an online platform used by over 15,000 aspiring doctors every month. He has over 8 years experience with the medical school applications process including creating online content, providing advice with personal statements and delivering mock interviews. He has packed years of experience helping students successfully get into medical school into the SuperPack with the aim of helping thousands of students to take advantage.

Abdul-Rahman has previously presented at conferences including the General Medical Council and Medical School Council talking about professionalism and reflection, important skills for medical school applicants to grasp.

The Medmentor promise

Every organisation has hard-working team members and running costs and we at Medmentor are no different. That's why we charge a price for the SuperPack - to help us continue to help supporting applicants in a sustainable fashion for many more years to come.

However, we're aware that for many this can be an obstacle to receiving support. Therefore, in true Medmentor spirit we've provided the Medmentor Promise to ensure we continue to fulfil our mission of supporting disadvantaged applicants.

Our Promise is very simple, if you are a recipient of free school meals you're eligible. Period. Just send us an email (hello@medmentor.co.uk) with proof and we'll provide you with a free pack. Simple.


Notion has become a productivity powerhouse for students and businesses alike! It's extremely organised, versatile and beautiful to look at. We think every medical school applicant should be using it whether it's for notes or organising their personal or work life. Importantly, Notion provides the flexibility for you to add more components that meet your needs.

Still not convinced? Check out these videos from world-famous YouTubers with medical backgrounds, KharmaMedic and Ali Abdaal.


The Medmentor SuperPack is targeted at Year 11, 12 and 13 students (incl. gap year students) in the UK looking to apply to UK medical schools.

Whilst others who do not fit the above demographic may benefit it's worth noting that the pack does not target them.

For now we would not recommend that International students or Graduates get the pack. However, keep a look out as we may have versions for these groups in the future!

do you provide refunds?

No, unfortunately due to the nature of the digital product we are unable to provide any refunds.
Under the Consumer Rights Law, digital downloads are neither goods nor services, meaning the law is a little different. If you choose to buy the product and download it, you will have chosen to waive the 14 day cooling-off period you would otherwise receive.

This is to stop you from changing your mind after you have already downloaded the content. There is no way for us to withdraw access or determine whether you have definitely not downloaded the content after.


Purchasing the SuperPack is for personal use of a single (1) person only. One product per purchase. It is against our Terms & Conditions to share the SuperPack with anyone else. All the content of the SuperPack is protected under Copyright (Intellectual Property) law. If Medmentor detects evidence of sharing of the SuperPack, including any parts of it, we will seek compensation and costs of damages including prosecution if appropriate.


The Notion SuperPack should be used as a guide and any information should be verified by yourself with the relevant institutions. Medmentor Limited strives to ensure that all information is up-to-date but we cannot take any responsibility for any incorrect information and/or performance during the application process.
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