The best accounts TO FOLLOW for TIPS & TRICKS

Below we've identified some must-follow accounts. Mostly run by dedicated medical students and doctors, these accounts provide extremely helpful tips and tricks to help you on your medical school application journal. They also provide you with real insights into life at individual medical schools with honest reviews, discussions around mental health and deep insights into life as a doctor.

We Are Medics

A group of medical students looking to 'help tomorrow's doctors, today'! They include up-to-date tips, honest reviews on medical schools and lots of great resources (check the SuperHub!)

Journey 2 Med
Two medical students and access into Medicine advocates from Barts Medical School with an instagram page and helpful YouTube channel full of advice, tutorials and giveaways.


Regular up-to-date advice and videos for your medical application + stories (and the occasional reel) from medical students across the UK at different stages of their course!

Medical student instagram bloggers 📸

We've hand-selected instagram accounts from every medical school in the UK.

We hope this can give you a real insight into both life as a medical student but importantly life at that specific university.

This will help you make more informed choices when making your medical school choices during your UCAS application!


We've hand-selected some extremely helpful and up & coming medic YouTubers releasing application videos regularly. Check them out!

USEFUL TWITTER THREADS 🐦 & Instagram posts 📸

We've hand-selected some extremely useful twitter threads to read through on-the-go.

These are usually written by medical students or doctors.

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