POsitions open

Our mission is to provide any and every aspiring medical student equal opportunity at a career in Medicine.

We're looking to do this by super-charging the support we provide all aspiring medical students. It's about time we disrupt the current medical school application scene and start to truly level the playing field.

- Roles & meetings are remote (maximum flexiblity & convenience)
- Great opportunity to develop a wide-variety of skills
- Be one of the earliest team-members of a fast-growing social enterprise (CV-building)
- Sustainable & scalable social enterprise (our mission is long-term and we aim to reach everyone)
Make a real impact (80% of medical students come from only 20% of schools - we can change that)
- More exciting future benefits (TBC)

Open Role (Medmentor)

Interested in helping out in some way? Perhaps you have an idea on how you can help? or perhaps not! Either way, we're very open to new people joining us in different capacities and with varying commitments / responsibilities. If you're interested, drop an email to or

Social Media Lead (Medmentor)

Social media is the number one way we interact with our audience. Therefore, it's absolutely essential for us to grow our following and work with other accounts and organisations with a similar vision to us. A great Social Media Lead will help us ensure more and more students are aware of the great website we've put together! Importantly, you will be creating a community and engaging with our audience through interactive elements of social media (e.g. insta stories, polls, reels and more). A real opportunity to let your creativity flourish.

Want to get involved, help out or collaborate in some other way (perhaps you have your own ideas!)?
Email us at!