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UCAT cut-off scores, BMAT cut-off scores, interview mark schemes.

This information is obtained directly from the university via Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.

UCAT cut-off score for UCL

Imperial College London does not use the UCAT in its assessment criteria. Therefore, it is not applicable.

BMAT cut-off score for UCL


For 2021 Entry, Home candidates: Candidates were required to score a minimum of 3.5 in Section 1 and Section 2, with the sum score in these two Sections being at least 10.9. They were required to score a minimum of 2.5C in Section 3.

For 2021 Entry, overseas candidates: Candidates were required to score a minimum of 4.0 in Section 1 and Section 2, with the sum of scores in these two Sections being at least 13.3. They were required to score a minimum of 3C in Section 3

Interview mark scheme for Imperial College London

Considerable emphasis is placed on the performance of candidates at interview, and no offer is made to any applicant who has not attended a competitive interview. The format is multiple mini-interviews (MMI), affording candidates an opportunity to discuss a range of matters in some depth. Although questions and stations may vary through the years, these are the main topics that candidates are asked questions on:

• Team work and Leadership

• Motivation to study medicine

• Understanding the role of a doctor

• Empathy and breaking bad news

• Ethics scenarios

• Imperial and contribution to School of Medicine

• Resilience

Candidates’ answers are scored from a possible 7 points for content (what the candidate says) and 3 points for communication (how the candidate says it) for each interview station. Often there is no right or wrong answer – the interviewers are assessing an ability to explain thinking. And if a candidate changes their mind on a specific question half-way through a question, the interviewers will consider the candidate's ability to reflect on their ideas and how they think on their feet.

A candidate will receive a score for each interview station in the MMI. For 2021 the total number of stations in a MMI was seven (7). Therefore, a total of seven (7) station scores will be received per candidate which are then combined for the total interview score. The Admissions team will then review the candidate's scores across the MMI to determine whether to make an offer or reject. The threshold score for an offer varies each year, as well as if the candidate has been classed as a widening participation applicant.

Prior to 2019 entry, the interview format was an interview panel, who would assess candidates on a four-point scale of "Weak", "Borderline", "Good", and "Outstanding".Please find attached an example Panel Interview Mark Sheet. On this Panel Interview Mark Sheet, the criteria are listed, and these same broad areas are assessed at the Multiple Mini Interviews.

Interview shortlisting criteria

Personal Statement

With regard to the Personal Statements, these are not scored. Instead they are used by the interviewers to bring out aspects of a candidate's experience and to help focus discussions with the candidate during the interview.

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