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Sponsorship Statement

Our sponsorship policy.

September 2020
Abdul-Rahman Abbas
UCL - 5th Year Medical Student

Medmentor is a medical-student-led social enterprise that aims to improve ethnic and socioeconomic diversity among doctors. We've done this and continue to do this by launching & maintaining a website (which you're currently on!), running a social media page, offering free mentoring and much much more. Since our launch in August 2020, we've already managed to help thousands of applicants across the UK and beyond with their medical school applications.

However, it's unfortunately not possible to run Medmentor cost-free. Whilst we've been largely able to keep our costs to a minimum, this does provide its limitations and does mean that so-far all financial costs have been paid out of the pocket by our dedicated team-members. Importantly, this would make Medmentor impractical to run and simply unsustainable.

It shouldn't be this way.

In fact, it's a significant reason why a lot of social enterprises and non-profits burn out and die.

Therefore, sponsorship is key to ensure that Medmentor is a) financially stable and sustainable b) in a position to offer our users even more exciting features. We want to be able to continue revolutionising the medical school application scene.

What this does not mean is that we'll accept any company sponsorship deal in return for money.

All our sponsors are thoroughly vetted and approved by members of our team. They have to be justified and we only work with partners whom we trust and truly believe provide our users with a great service or product!

We also never accept spam.

In fact, we're often approached by various organisations who want to sponsor or advertise with us in order to reach our audience. However, we know we have a responsibility to you, our Medmentor users. Many of you trust us to provide you with the best and only the best resources out there. You also trust us not to recommend a paid service or product that isn't actually that great. Therefore, we regularly turn these sponsors down as they simply don't meet our criteria of providing high quality, premium services or products at a reasonable price.

In short, we won't sell your confidence in us just for cash!

It's fundamentally against our ethos and what we are trying to do here, in the medical school application sector.

Therefore, whenever you see a 'TRUSTED PARTNER' label or sponsorship on our site, know that these are partners whom we have hand-selected for you - ensuring only the best companies that are worthwhile your time and money are ever shown to you.

The money will go towards covering our growing costs (e.g. website costs), investing in more features (lots coming soon), equipment (e.g. better camera & microphone equipment for our mentors) and getting more done for you!

Also, this way means we avoid charging you (not even a little bit)... always a bonus!

Of course, if you have any questions about this feel free to email us at at

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